Friday, January 29, 2010

Potato Eggplant Curry/ Aloo Baigan Sabzi( Dry)

Potato Eggplant Curry/  Aloo Baigan  Sabzi( Dry)
When we talk about potatoe recipes then I guess my blog would run out of space. Its verstility makes it a king of vejetables in the culinary World. This king goes well with any  other vejetable and makes it an extraordianry dish.
           Egg plant makes this dish colourful and tasty.  Do you know that  eggplant received its name because the vegetable resembled goose eggs and  I also had read a funny thing about Eggplant that  Europeans in the 16th century believed that eggplants caused insanity and it called it as Mad Apple. Funny right . Ok friends I will not bug with all this and share this quick  recipe . Enjoy.

1.      Egg Plant Long  -2 Medium sized  cut into long  pieces( Refer Images)
2.      Potato 1 -with skin cut into long pieces ( Refer Images)
3.      Onion – 1   medium size ,sliced
4.      Tomato -1 medium size chopped
5.      Jeera - ½ teaspoon
6.      Coriander and Jeera Powder -2  teaspoon
7.      Red Chilli Powder - 1 teaspoon or  according to taste
8.      Oil -2 table spoons of oil
9.      Turmeric Powder –  A pinch
10.  Salt  according to taste
11.  Coriander Leaves for Garnishing

1.      Heat Oil  in a big pan add Cumin seeds when the oil gets heated.
2.      Add Turmeric Powder and Onion when the cumin starts fluttering.
3.      Fry the onion until they turn golden .
4.      Add the chopped tomatoes and heat till they become soft .
5.      Add diced Pototoes until  they become crispy.
6.      Add  little redchilli , Coriander, jeera poweder and  salt to the potatoes and mix it well.
7.      Heat the potatoes  for 5 to ten minutes till it properly blends with the spices.
8.      Add the diced egg plant the potatoes .
9.      Add all the remaining masala to the potatoes and egg plannt and toss it properly.
10.  Add very little water so that the Egg plants get cooked
11.  Heat the curry till the egg plant gets cooked properly .
12.  Garninsh it with Coriander Leaves.
13.  Can be served with Chapatis or as an starter.


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